Tuesday, September 20, 2005


This blog is not close

Marcel and French Frie we will be back soon. But now i've to go back in France.

According to my friends the media are as usual terrible about US and especialy G.Bush. How will i handle that ? You have to understand than in France there is no Fox news, no USA today, no Wall Street journal 99% of media (100% TV) are like Move-on TV.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


I'm sorry for your people man

As a French i've strong feeling for people in New-Orlean. A city which name came from à very pretty french city : Orléan. As an american i feel very guilty for what happen to them.

So yesturday i had been walking on the street when i saw a black men, he was wearing a suit, and looked a little like Colin Powell. Immediatly i spoke to him, trying to have a strong facial expression of kindness. I spoke very loud, because whit my french accent, its difficult to understand what i say.

That was something like that :

-Me : "Hello. I want to say i'm sorry for what happen to your people"
-Black men "Excuse me ?"

-Me : "You had suffered a lot in the History, and now your contry is hit by the nature. And nobody helps you, your are dying like blacks rats traps in sewers."
-Black men : "I beg you pardon ?"

-Me : "You people have so many childrens ... I dont blame you. It's so difficult to controle births when you can't read the contraceptive notice".
-Black men : "I have to go to work, have a nice day"

-Me : "Wet a minute ... i mean WAIT a minute brother ( i laughted - humour is good to brake ice) ! I really wont you understand me are with you. You no more alone, you a free man !
-Black men (giving me $5) : "Here is for your lunch, leave me alone please now"

-Me : "Come on dont be shy bro', come in my place we can have something to drink ... i mean no watter, sorry, hu ... some watermelon and chicken ? Yo ! What do you think about that ?
-Black men : "I think now i will become more rude mister"

-Me : "C'mon, i know blacks people, i'm french. Some people in my family use to travel with many black people from africa to america. And i love jazz, you are so good at that with you big lips. You know you dont have to be ashame of your culture, your are almost as good as the whites. .... Take this $10 for Katrina !"
-Black men ( just slapped my face and leaved)


Thursday, September 01, 2005


Do not date my mom Cindee Sheehan

cindy sheehan date my mom mvtOne of the most ridiculous tv show broadcasting now is "Date my mom" on MTV.
Imagine now the same show with some celebrity, what a nightmare could it be ? Here is our answers ...

Our previous post on Cindee Sheehan - thank to the web sites whose spoke about this one -

Here a very good article about Hurricane and Bush bashers - include Cindy Sheehan, who said :
"George is finished playing golf and telling his fables in San Diego, so he will be heading to Louisiana to see the devastation that his environmental policies and his killing policies have caused."
Here a fine picture joke about the new democrate spokerman.

Marcel and French Frie are looking for a collective blog which like to host their adventures : awneir@numericable.fr

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Katrina, faggy Hurricane

To help now rescuing the victims of the Hurricane Katrina : American Red Cross

(- - Warning : Bad taste humour fallowing - -).

Fox News and CNN spend all the sunday 28 august speaking about the comming categorie 5 Hurricane Katrina.

It was an hectic wait for the total desintegration of New Orlean. Geraldo Rivera's mustaches were curling : at list something more exciting than diging in the silt for the Halloway body, or some things about Cindy Sheehan past !

But monday morning the tragedy was here : New Orlean was still here ! No more category 5 Hurricane. Just a f***** big tropical storm.

The two chanels tried to play the drama, but the spirit wasn't here anymore. Fox New team, which has now to live in a van, down by the river , had have to drive two hours to find a area with enough wind to make a good barely- audible - live with - a - flying - reporter - in - yellow raincot.

CNN tried to made a teasing with the "dome" which could collapse at any time over 14.000 traps people. But can you seriously be more exciting than "Girls Next Door" on the next chanel with a pigeon s**t unstuck by the wind from a big roof ?

This stupid fag Hurricane messed all the job.

But thank G.d almost all is setting in order now , two seawalls come down and a lot of watter is now in the streets, giving to the landscape a post-Tsunami exciting look-like.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


A day at the Zoo with Marcel

karl rove cartoonTRANSLATION IN FRENCH

-Gars : C'est la mode d'avoir un animal domestic exotic.

-Marcel : Toute sortes d'animaux exotics

-Marcel : C'est pour cela qu'ils organisent les cocktails directement dans les Zoos maintenant ...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I went to some movies recently

40 year old virgin judge robertsThe 4O year Old Virgin - or "the guy who whises he was still a virgin sometimes" - aka father and husband Judge Roberts.
You can read in his eyes the trully innoncent hope to get inside the big warn place : the supreme court of United State.
A good movie beside the underperformence of the guys who play the bad ones.

Red Eyes mummy. Starring Cindy Sheehan. These is the story of a angry mother whom eyes are red, not because she cried a lot for the death of her son, but cuz the evil bush's army kill a lot "resistants" in Iraq.
A very good movie, i especialy liked the moment you discovered who is really miss Sheehan thanks to Fox news.

And my favorite : Wedding Crasher - or the story of a funny guy who like to go to some religious weddings, but instead of giving some christian advises for the bride, he usualy slap the wedded "this damn commie who dare too smoke a cuban cigar on the US territory".
This good old Pat Robertson could have an Oscar this time.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Dialogue between a mother and a president

- Mother : Mister president, my son died in your war

-President : I offer you my condoleance to your familly

-Mother : This war is a non-sens, we havent been attack by them

-President : We have been attack buy there ... uh .... relatives ... And they were a big menace

-Mother : We dont wont a war ! War is bad, young people die there. We wont peace now !

-President : but ...

-Mother : Soldiers must be home, not deing in sand far away.
-Mother : We know this war is for big compagnies and for israelites agenda.

-President : Your son was a volunteer, he is a heros who died for our futur.

-Mother : Mister Franklin Delanoe Roosevelt how do you dare speak about my son like that ? damn patriot freak !

Links about Cindy Sheehan and against Cindy Sheehan activism :

Unbalanced Coverage Of An Unbalanced Protest (Captain's Quarters)
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Backlash! War moms attack Cindy Sheehan (worldnetdaily.com)
Cindy Sheehan Unplugged (Frontpage magazine)
The ugly, angry left exploiting the grieving (No Pasaran)
http://www.meetwithcindy.org/ (Site who support Cindy Sheehan)

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